Secret Santa

Every year during the festive period, people exchange gifts with one another: but gift giving doesn’t just involve swapping presents in the traditional way. Instead, it’s possible to arrange a Secret Santa event, as a family, in the workplace, in a club or even in Internet forums, where people come together to give gifts by following specified rules.
Secret Santa isn’t just a German tradition: it has a role to play in Christmas traditions across the world. In Germany it’s known as “Wichteln” and in other countries its names include “Julklapp” “Amigo Invisible” or “Kris Kringle.”


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A Secret Santa exchange can specify various price categories in advance, so whether you only want to spend a few euros or you’re hosting a higher-end Secret Santa Party with more valuable gifts, there’s always something to suit any price range. All you have to do is give the participants enough notice and for them to agree – then the process of buying and sharing secret gifts can begin.
Of course, it’s extremely important to have rules for Secret Santa. There are a lot of different variants of Secret Santa and each variant has its own rules. Dice are needed for some Dirty Santa variants, white elephant gift exchanges are often built around a theme and some variants require nothing more than a willingness to give a nice gift.